Martin Bell

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  • LaHave River Straight Pipe Initiative
  • The prospect of a straight-pipe-free LaHave River has been a priority for me for several years. I have always found it difficult getting the support at the municipal level to try to remedy this problem. I have always been told that at the municipal level we should just worry about an “education and awareness campaign”. The main issue here is that ...

  • Internet to Rural Areas of Nova Scotia
  • We as a Council have been aware that rural high speed internet is not the best in many parts of our municipality. While this is not an area where a municipality normally has any direct responsibility we have expressed what we are hearing from the general public to our MLA and MP. Canada as a whole has some of the slowest broadband speeds among the developed nations. This is a market in which over 90% is controlled by ...

    Goverance Initiatives - Amalgamation

    During amalgamation, two or more municipal units willingly come together to cooperate with each other and diversify or expand their business activities. An amalgamation is distinct from a merger because neither of the combining municipal units survives as a legal entity; although they may keep their community names. We are told Nova Scotia is facing challenging demographic and economic trends which have placed some of our municipal units in financial distress. This provincial government is saying that in the face of an aging population, out-migration, reduced labour pool and a shrinking tax base, dissolution of some of our ...

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